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Since 2013, the Greater Columbus Basketball Legend Association  has inducted Coaches, Players, Referees, Contributors, and Teams. All of the Inductees are celebrated for their outstanding achievements and accomplishments. Click here to learn more about our GCBLA Eligibility Process for inducting members.

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The Greater Columbus Basketball Legends Association (GCBLA) inducted 11 new members into its Greater Columbus Basketball Legends Hall of Fame, Saturday, August 22, 2015.

This marked their third year for the induction ceremony, which began as a tribute to the great basketball talent that hails from Central Ohio and as a way to preserve Columbus’ sports history.​  Read more about this event.

Reggie Lee - former Head Coach of girls basketball at Brookhaven High School will serve as Greater Columbus Basketball Legend Association's consultant of Women's Basketball.  READ MORE..

Nearly 300 Attended
Columbus Basketball Legends Hall of Fame

Greater Columbus Basketball Legend Association

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Greater Columbus Basketball Legend Association


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The idea for the GCBLA was initially discussed during a conversation between, Skip Young, current President, and his friend, John "Pineapple" Lewis, who thought it was necessary to record the history of the basketball legends from Franklin and surrounding counties.  Skip shared this idea with other former players and they envisioned that the organization would emphasize the impact of basketball on the Ohio community, be responsible for telling their own story, and help the younger generation of athletes in their academic and athletic careers.

GCBLA primary objective has  been to construct a Hall Of Fame Legends Museum, that would serve as a gatekeeper for the game of basketball in the Greater Columbus Metropolitan area and surrounding counties. The museum would preserve the basketball achievements of men and women at all levels of  the sport, by preserving artifacts, photos, and memorabilia. This would assist to serve as a catalyst to create an educational and mentoring initiative for youth.​

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